The Littlest Groom

Should your height determine whom you find attractive? Of course not! THE LITTLEST GROOM will venture where no other show has gone by helping a young man who is 4'5" tall to find true love. Initially believing he will choose among women of similar stature to his own, he later discovers, in a surprising twist, that some average-sized women will enter the picture. Will his ideal mate be a little person, or will she be of average height? Find out when THE LITTLEST GROOM, hosted by Dani Behr ("Boy Meets Boy"), airs in two parts on February 16 and 23!

During the first hour on Monday, Feb. 16, THE LITTLEST GROOM follows Glen, a 23-year-old salesman and little person who is searching for true love. Glen will be introduced to a group of 12 women - all of them little people like himself - to begin his search for that special someone. In one-on-one dates and group activities, our bachelor will get to know his potential partners and narrow down his choices to those with whom he feels the strongest connection. But after some of the women are eliminated, Glen's decision will suddenly become more complicated when his dating pool is expanded to include women of average height!

During the final hour on Monday, Feb. 23, Glen will select two women who will compete to win his heart. Ultimately, he will have to make a final decision, choosing the one woman with whom he is truly compatible. Will Glen decide that "good things come in small packages"? ... or that "opposites attract"?

(NOTE: As previously announced, two final hours of MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS FIANCE, previously announced as a 2-hour finale for February 16, will now be split into two episodes on February 16 and 23 at 9:00pm.)