That's Just Wrong"

Witness the absurd and the crazy when FOX premieres THAT'S JUST WRONG, a wacky one-hour special that features original stunts, contests and video clips of amazing and sometimes unbelievable behavior. Hosted by "The Twins," Elaine and Diane, THAT'S JUST WRONG premieres Friday, Feb. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Ever wonder exactly how powerful a 747's jet engine really is? THAT'S JUST WRONG's on-location commentator, Chris Myers, has the answer for you as the show systematically obliterates a trailer, a car, a boat and other everyday items behind the hurricane-force winds produced by a 747 jet engine.

What would you do for a quick buck or two? THAT'S JUST WRONG's man on the street, Eric Edelstein, finds out when he gets people to shave their entire bodies, serve up dinner to willing participants from a garbage bin and accept other strange and bizarre dares. If it's so wrong, then it's just right for THAT'S JUST WRONG.