'Secret Santa' pays off Kmart customers' layaway balance

LANTANA, FL (WFLX) - He didn't leave his name, but a "Secret Santa" made the holidays a little easier for people in Lantana by putting down thousands of dollars to pay off Kmart layaway items.

It was a very emotional time for many customers who came into the Kmart; some were even brought to tears when hearing they owned nothing on their layaway items.

The manager at the store said someone called during the weekend wanting to pay for the remaining layaway items. On Monday two people came in with checks totaling $15,000.

The money pays off hundreds of gifts which might not have made it home in time for the holidays.

Some customers who came in said times are so tough, and that they were ready to put back a few presents they bought. "It surprised me. I come to pick it up, and he pay everything. Santa pays everything," said Erma Santiago, a layaway customer.

The store manager said the only problem with the massive payment is that no one really knew how to pay off so many accounts.

Workers eventually figured it out and will spend most of Tuesday night going through the paperwork.

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