Year One: Rick Scott's approval ratings reach new low

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WFLX) - Wednesday was Governor Rick Scott's 351 in office. It was also his last day at the state capitol until the new year.

The governor spent the day meeting with the capitol press corps and talking about his year in office. Governor Rick Scott was sworn in on January 4. Since then, he has cancelled billions in high speed rail contracts, sparred with unions over pensions, fought with teachers over tenure, overseen two executions, and much, much more.

We sat down with the governor and asked about his first year in office. "Well, it's fast. There's never been a dull moment since I came into office. It's just a whirlwind," he said.

By the end of his first 100 days, his approval ratings, which were never high, were plummeting.

Gov. Scott describes this past year as a learning curve and an evolution. "It's all just an evolution of learning the job. Because when you come into this, it's pretty broad -- the issues you're dealing with."

In late summer, Scott shook up his staff and brought in outsiders to help his crew of Tallahassee newcomers. On his last day before the holidays, Scott was sitting down with 16 different news agencies to talk about the first year and going forward.

Scott became a grandfather in November. We asked how that might change his style of governing. "It just reinforces why I ran. I ran because I care about people."

Scott's approval ratings are still as low as ever. He attributes it to the fear of change, and he reminds himself he's got an agenda and to keep on following it.

The governor will be spending Christmas and New Year's in Naples with his family. It's the longest break Scott has taken since being elected.

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