Anti-slaughter billboard gets attention

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A new billboard along the Florida Turnpike in northern Palm Beach County is attracting a lot of attention. It calls for a ban on horse slaughtering.

Angel Acres, a horse rescue in Glenville, Pennsylvania is working with sponsors and the Jupiter non-profit group, Stop Shipping Horses to Slaughter, to put up the billboard. Now, other local horse rescues are hoping it will draw attention to what they say is a big problem.

The billboard is on the southbound side of the Florida Turnpike, about a mile south of Indiantown Road. It shows two horses and in red and white letters reads: "Stop Slaughtering Us".

Horse slaughtering in the United States is illegal; however, many horses are still shipped overseas for slaughter.

Brad Gaver, the co-founder of Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue in Loxahatchee, said those animals could go on to useful lives.

Pure Thoughts cares for more than sixty horses, including many that were saved from slaughter.

"All these horses, they're able to have another career," explained Gaver. "It's a waste to slaughter them just because people are being irresponsible. If you breed the horse, you take care of the horse, you should continue to take care of it for the rest of it's life not just throw it away like it's garbage."

Gaver said rescue horses can make excellent hunter, jumper and English and Western riding horses. He said even injured horses can be excellent companions for people and other animals. While rescue horses need to be adopted by the right person, they can be less expensive to purchase than other horses.

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