Exotic dome home for sale

MANALAPAN, FL (WFLX) Tucked away behind the reeds in Manalapan sits a home unlike any other. The property stretches 2.2 acres across Ocean Avenue from the Intracoastal to the Atlantic Ocean.

The 3 bedroom 3.5 bath house comes with a pool and a hefty price tag of $6.7 million. But there's another catch. The home is made out of domes.
"It's been an interesting listing to say the least," says Carla Christenson who is the broker on the sale.
Every room from the kitchen to the bathrooms are covered by three geodesic domes, giving the 1968 home a different feel. 
"When I walk on this property I feel like I'm in a different place, I feel very zen," says Christenson.
Scientific studies show geodesic domes fair well in severe weather. These have been through 40-plus hurricane seasons and haven't sustained any serious damage.
"This home has never had any work done to the exterior, it's all original and it's been directly hit by two hurricanes," says Christenson.
The current owners have used it as a vacation home, a funky retreat, and kept the domes intact. But Christenson fears that could change in a sale, since most potential buyers are most interested in the land.
"The likelihood is to tear it down but it would be fabulous if it stayed here another 30-40 years," says Christenson.
An exotic home searching for a buyer who won't let it go extinct.