S. FL couple survives after cruise ship goes aground

AVENTURA, FL (WFLX) - A cruise ship that ran aground this weekend says it appears that the captain of the ship made "errors in judgement" in going to close to the coast and apparently did not follow evacuation procedures (Costa CEO blames captain error for ship grounding).

At least six people have been killed, and 16 people remain missing. Chances that they would be found alive three days after the ship was speared by the reef and toppled to one side continue to grow slimmer .

A South Florida couple was on the ship and managed to make it to safety. David and Denise Saba were celebrating a belated honeymoon on board the Costa Concordia.

The couple was among the 126 Americans who survived the weekend tragedy. They were having dinner when the 950-foot liner ran into the rocks.

Denise Saba said she didn't feel safe; even though, they were some of the first passengers to make it onto the lifeboats. "We were definitely going to die in small boat," she recalled. "They didn't know how to work it, and it would tip over, and we would just drown."

A few hours after they made it to land, they called David's brother, Joseph, in Aventura. "We heard him, and he was calm, so we didn't get too scared at the time," said Joseph. "We're realizing now it was much bigger than we thought."

Joseph Saba said his brother could only salvage his wallet and cell phone. He saw some bad things, people hurting. People who can not find family members," David continued.

The Sabas did manage to get new passports Sunday, but it's unclear when they'll return to the U.S.

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