AAA: Gas prices could top $4 by Spring

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - You're not imagining it! The price for a gallon of gas is going up. At most stations you're paying 16 cents a gallon more than one month ago. 

What if you had to fill up everyday?
Delivery driver Scott Caplan is on the go from sun up to sundown daily. For every moment he's on the road, his van guzzles gas.
"Once it gets to $3.85 it pushes to $4, that's where I start to worry," says Caplan.
Caplan says he's watched gas climb 20 cents in the last few weeks. Right now, he's spending about $60 per day to fuel his car which adds to about $300 plus a week. 
"It really takes a toll on us because we're spending more to get a single delivery done," says Caplan.
According to AAA, oil prices are at a record high for the first part of January that suggests prices could be over $4 per gallon by Spring. 
Caplan's business survived when prices topped out around $4.25 a few years back, but he cringes at the thought of a repeat.
"There's only so much we can charge and when gas goes up we eat the difference," says Caplan.
The average price of a gallon of regular gas hovers around $3.54 in Palm Beach County. 

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