Child falls from window in Riviera Beach

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX)   A 1-year-old girl is recovering in the hospital after falling from the third story window of her home at the Indian Trace Apartments in Riviera Beach.

The accident took place just after 3 o'clock, when the mother says her child was playing in a bed right next to a window.

"She was with me, we were just playing in the bed," said Wanna Deronvil.

The mom says her little girl, Shidmiah, suddenly pressed her hands against the window screen and before she could react, the child fell.

"The baby fell right behind that thing over there," said one neighbor.

The girl's three-story fall ended with her landing behind the air-conditioning units. Neighbors heard faint cries.

"I came out here to see it all and by the time I got here, the mother had already picked the baby up," said neighbor Charles Martin.

The little girl was rushed to the children's emergency room at St. Mary's Medical Center.

She was bruised and in pain, but suffered no broken bones or internal injuries.

"I'm very happy, I thank God for that," said Deronvil.

Deronvil says her daughter is okay, but will be held overnight for observation.