Delray Beach residents upset over proposed fire fee

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX)  Things could get heated in Delray Beach Tuesday night. City Commissioners are expected to vote whether to start charging residents and businesses more for fire-related services.

The aim is to help close a $3 million shortfall for 2012. Many residents say the idea isn't the solution to the problem. 
"We can barely eat, going to the store is a dilemma. It's like a scale, just a little but more dirt and it tips over," says Lisha Sutton.
Sutton is the sole provider for the family of five including Sutton's brother, grandmother, and two college-aged students. Times are tough.
"We hope and pray everyday that lights and water gets paid, to add this puts stress on people," says Sutton.
Times are tough for the City of Delray Beach as well. Officials say it needs the fee to balance the budget. The money would pay for fire-related services like personnel and equipment. 
The current proposal states what you owe, according to the size of your home, not the value. If your home is 1,200 square feet you would owe $52. It goes up from there, mazing out at $263 for homes over 5,000 square feet.
City Commissioner Adam Frankel plans to vote against the proposal because he feels it should be assessed evenly for everyone. 
"The five price point I can't be in favor of that, I just don't think its' fair," says Commissioner Adam Frankel.
But a majority of the Commissioner is in favor of the proposal. Tuesday night, Sutton hopes to sway their vote.