Accused baby abducted has past arrests

Mar'Quan Johnson
Mar'Quan Johnson
Latonia Alvin aka Latonia Williams
Latonia Alvin aka Latonia Williams

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The missing two-week-old West Palm Beach boy who police say was abducted Friday morning from his home while his mother showered, has been found safe in Riviera Beach, according to authorities.

Shortly after noon, Riviera Beach Police found Mar'Quan Johnson and Latonia Alvin, also known as Latonia  Williams, 32. Police say Alvin abducted the newborn shortly before 7:43 a.m. from an apartment in the Pointe Verde at Palm Beach Lakes Condominiums, which is located in the 1400 block of Village Boulevard.

An Amber Alert was issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement around 11 a.m.

According to Riviera Beach Police spokeswoman Roseanne Brown, authorities received a tip shortly before noon and within 20 minutes recovered the newborn. The mother had her newborn in hand shortly after 1 p.m.

According to authorities, Alvin, believed to be a guest or caregiver, was visiting that address while the child's mother was in the shower. The mother later realized Alvin was gone -- and so was Mar'Quan, along with a laptop and cell phone.

Alvin was previously charged with fraud/impersonation and dealing in stolen property. She was in court Thursday for allegedly stealing a customer's credit card and charging more than $1000 worth of merchandise while she worked as a cashier at the BJ's in Royal Palm Beach. 

Alvin later told police she was, "posed with the financial troubles of paying rent and giving her son a good Christmas."

Alvin also admitted to police the day after she took the customer's credit card that she switched it with another customer's card only to ring up more fraudulent charges, according to authorities.

According to BJ's wholesale club, Alvin is no longer an employee.

In 2009, Alvin was arrested for a similar crime, in which she was accused of using a co-worker's info -- from another place of employment -- to fraudulently open up a Sear's credit card over the Internet.

Police searched Friday morning in a large area of West Palm Beach, from the Tri-Rail station on Banyan Boulevard to the north end of the city and have Tri-Rail employees walking the trains searching for the boy.

Police asked Tri-Rail employees to also keep an eye out for the baby at the 16 stations between West Palm Beach and Miami before he was eventually found in Riviera Beach.

Alvin is in the custody of West Palm Beach Police, which is handling the investigation.

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