Romney campaigns in Miami-Dade

MIAMI (WFLX) - Stumping for a win, the race to win Florida's crucial Republican presidential primary is in full force.

Mitt Romney spent Wednesday in Miami trying to court a huge block of Hispanic voters. The former Massachusetts governor made several stops Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier Wednesday, he did an interview with an anchor from Spanish-language Univision, where he was asked several point blank questions that had to do with his personal wealth and whether he ws paying his fair share of income taxes.

He was asked how much money he had; however, he wouldn't get specific saying it was between $150 to $200 million.

When he was asked whether he paid enough in taxes, he said his 15 percent effective rate was fair because he also gave a good portion of money to charity. He was also asked whether he was punishing the children of illegal immigrants for his stance that they shouldn't get in-state tuition.

Romney is highlighting his business record saying what this country needs more than anything else now is jobs.

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