Romney campaigns in Pompano

POMPANO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The campaign clock is ticking down leaving Republican nominee hopefuls mere hours to booster support in Florida.

Mitt Romney stopped off in South Florida for a rally Sunday night in Pompano Beach at the the Emma Lou Olson Civic Center.

The visit came after Romney traveled first to Naples and then to Hialeah.

After a quick introduction, Romney first handed the microphone to his wife, Anne Romney.

Some pointed to Romney trying to appeal to the families by having an emphasis on his own. "He's a family man, that really reached me," said Emily Scuderi, who attended the rally.

Romney started his speech by first attacking President Barack Obama. "I think that it's been a Groundhog Day presidency where he keeps saying the same thing again and again and again and we keep waking up with the same problems," said Romney.

The former governor then dug into the issues facing Floridians, like the poor housing market. "I will work to get rid of Freddie Mac and get the government out of the housing market," said Romney.

It was a point many of those clapping in the crowd believe Romney will stick to if he is elected. "Because he has done it all his life in the business world," said Bonnie Rae, who attended the rally.

Romney also touted his experience with businesses and creating a successful Olympics.

He also pledged to balance the budget, lower the US debt, strengthen the military and still found time to continue his assault on Newt Gingrich. "I think the thing that stuck with me most is that he looks like he's getting tired," said Carl Napolitano, who attended the rally.

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