Fair CEO: Guns aren't allowed but got in

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)  The 100th anniversary of the South Florida Fair is now in the history books, but it didn't end the way organizers had intended.

The final weekend was marked by gunfire, injuries, and questions about security.  

This comes after investigators say a shooting occurred just before midnight Saturday night and sent two juveniles to the hospital to be treated for their wounds.

"I think the plus out of all of this is that the procedures the fair has in place fell into place the way they should," South Florida Fair President and CEO Rick Vymlatil said. "Our audience got to leave here in a calm manner."

Vymlatil considered that to be a positive, and he also considered the large crowd that came out for the final day of the fair as a positive too.

The negative that still stuck out to visitors though was that a fight broke out by Gate 2 where one man opened fire, and that shooter still hasn't been arrested.

"We're going to obviously take a look at all types of systems, security is one of them," Vymlatil said. "But I have to say right now I'm not sure we will make any changes because of the way things ended from an operational stand point."

The sign that greets South Florida Fair visitors lists a lot of things that aren't allowed, and weapons are one of the items listed, but organizers said there aren't any checks done to make sure weapons aren't brought in.

"We've never employed bag searches or pat downs or magnetometers or anything like that at the fair," Vymlatil said.

When asked why, Vymlatil answered there hasn't ever been a reason to, but after the shooting now there may be a reason.

"I think it's something that we'll consider before we put something like that in place," Vymlatil said.