Teens using flashcards, highlighters to hide drugs

(WFLX) - It may be called the same thing and smoked the same way, but marijuana has changed since the 60s. "This is not your father's pot. Things are very, very different," said addiction expert Mike Gimbel with St. Joseph Medical Center in Maryland.

He says it's not just the dope that's different, so are the undercover tools kids use to smoke it. "Now, they've taken drug paraphernalia and turned it into everyday items."

The items he's talking about let your kids hide their pot habit in what seems like harmless household stuff.

He points at what looks like a regular Magic Marker. "It appears very real but the bottom comes out it's a fake bottom, and you have a marijuana pipe," he demonstrated.

From highlighters that aren't being used for homework to flashlights that kids use to light up a different way. "The top comes off very simple, it goes right into the top and you have a pipe," he said as he showed how it works.

Kids make pipes out of makeup, too. A lipstick container can look like the real thing but unscrew it and, you've got the tools to toke. "There isn't a parent in the world that's going to suspect that this is a pipe," said Gimbel.

Parents also won't suspect their kids are wearing something that helps them get high. But jewelry is the latest trend, he explained.

"You have your nice bracelet, just where it clips, you think it is a nice clip. It actually is a bowl; you put your pot in. the front part comes down and you've got a pipe."

Pipes that parents won't see unless they know what to look for. "It makes our job harder because we now have to start looking at their jewelry. We have to start looking at their markers. it makes it like we have to become cops when we're supposed to be parents and educators."

But now you've got to be detectives, digging into what your kid carries to figure out if you should be concerned. "As a parent, I don't care if my child is the greatest child in the world. I'd still talk about this. I'd still keep my eyes and ears open."

The items Gimbel showed us are sold at tobacco shops or so-called "head shops" and on the Internet under the guise they can be used for tobacco.

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