New Pictures, Information about Gunman killed by PBC Deputies

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)  It has been days since a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed 18-year-old Christopher Thompson, who allegedly shot first at deputies first. On Monday, new information and pictures of the alleged gunman surfaced for the first time.

Forest Hill High School confirmed Thompson attended the school at one point. An official said Thompson was pulled out of the school by his parents more than two years ago for homeschooling.

Palm Beach State College also said Thompson was enrolled, but records show he withdrew earlier in 2012.
Thompson's little league coach spoke out on about the 18-year-old who he coached when Thompson was a little boy.

Pat Rothenburg said Thompson was a great kid who everyone on the team loved. Rothenburg said he cannot imagine Thompson getting involved in something like a shooting. All Rothenburg said he remembers is a happy kid who smiled a lot.

Near the scene of where the shooting happened, PBC Credit Union reopened doors for the first time since the deadly incident.  John Deese, PBC Credit Union C.E.O., said he made the decision to close during the weekend given the trauma some employees faced. Deese said he held a meeting on Monday to look into how the branch handled the situation and how employees can move forward.

"Naturally I'm very thankful. I thank god that all of our people and employees and members were safe and that no one was injured because it had the potential of developing into a real disaster," said Deese.

The director of the Palm Springs Leisure Service, Bill Golson, has known Thompson since he was very little.
Golson did not want to speak on camera out of respect for the Thompson family, but said in a phone conversation he was shocked to hear Thompson has been killed.

Investigators with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said they still do not have a motive and know very little about Thompson.