Study: WPB ranked among top 10 with lowest risk-adjusted mortality rates

WEST PALM BEACH. FL (WFLX) - The Web site released information about hospitals across the country, including South Florida.

The report claims to be the largest of its kind, with researchers looking at more than 40 million hospital records provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Looking at 27 procedures and diagnoses, hospitals are assigned different ratings.

HealthGrades suggests a person has a 73 percent lower risk of dying in a top-rated hospital versus one rated as one of the worst.

West Palm Beach ranked among the top 10 cities with the lowest risk-adjusted mortality rates for patients going to the ER, but every hospital in any area provides a different level of quality care for each condition.
HealthGrades suggests patients look at some key factors before choosing a hospital and an emergency room. Asking for records of patient safety, how often the hospital gives specific treatments that get good results and details about mortality and complication rates can be very useful.
With any hospital visit, consider getting prepared and staying on top of your own care. According to HealthGrades:
- Identify the best hospitals in your area that cater in a superior way for your specific condition
- Know what to expect before, during and after your procedure
- Keep an updated list of your medications, allergies and medical history and take it with you
- If you have an advanced directive, take it with you to the hospital
- Plan ahead to minimize stress and so you are prepared
- Make sure a friend or family member is with you to serve as an advocate at all times
- Ask questions about every medication and procedure before it's given
- Make sure staff uses your name and ID band before you receive treatment to avoid mix-ups
- Pay attention to staff hygiene like hand washing and clean glove use
- Make a follow-up appointment with your doctor so you can rehabilitate fully

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