Help! I gave up Facebook during Lent

(WFLX) - Wednesday, February 22 marks the first day of Lent. In the past, many people gave up sweets or caffeine.

Nowadays, more folks are keeping the sweets and giving up Facebook instead.

If you're one the brave souls who gave up the social media giant, here are some humorous tips to help you through the next 40 days.

1. Give a REAL gift to someone you care about. Much better than say giving a "virtual coffee".

2. Try playing Scrabble - the original version with the tactile game board and wooden tiles.

3. Physically poke people, and then walk away without saying why you poked them.

4. Write down the last few things you did. Wait 10 minutes. Read the list. Ask yourself if anyone gives a ......

5. Join an actual group - A book club for example. Think of all that extra time you'll have not reading status updates. Resign 40 days later.

6. Watch "Tron". Consider the fate that awaits those who stare too long at their computer.

7. Develop a real-world O.C.D. problem - like washing your hands a lot.

8. Instead of posting pictures, organize the ones you have.

9. Come to the realization you don't need to know how your 3rd grade boyfriend is doing.

10. Join Twitter. It's like Facebook for people with short attention spans.

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