911 calls from WPB teen shooting

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)  The 911 calls made by frantic witnesses after an apparent drive-by shooting in West Palm Beach Wednesday have been released.  The 13-year-old boy who was shot multiple times now fights for his life as the search for suspects presses on.
Several people dialed 911 from the 3200 block of Electronics Way.  Many were on a Palm Tran bus when they saw the boy hit the ground. 

The name of the teen is not being released.  He went through surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center on Wednesday night.  At last check, he was in critical condition.  Police are now looking for three black men, possibly driving a white 1990's model Honda or Acura.

Below are excerpts from the 911 calls made by four different people:

Caller: A kid got shot out here on a... on a bike.
911: Someone got shot on a bike?
Caller: Yeah, shot.
911: At what address?
Caller: A car drove by and shot a kid on a bike.
911: A kid on a bike was shot?
Caller: Yes.
911: The person that did the shooting... Hold on.  Hold on.

Caller: He looks like he's been shot a couple times.  He's been shot in the head.
911: In the head? Was it a male?  About how old? About how old?
Caller: He was on a bike and a car drove by and shot him.
911: Where's the person who did it?
Caller: I don't know! I was on a Palm Tran bus and a car drove by.  We were at a bus stop with a whole bus load of people and a car drove by and shot him.  He was riding on a bike.
911: It was a drive-by, right?
Caller: Yeah.
911: Is the boy still conscious?
Caller: Yeah, he's moving around on the ground right now.
911: And he is breathing right?
Caller: Yeah, he's still breathing.

Caller: I'm on a Palm Tran bus right in front of... I'm on Electronics Way and a kid's just been shot.
911: A kid's been shot?
Caller: Yeah, a young child was just shot.  He couldn't have been no more than 13 years old.
911: You said he was shot?
Caller: Yes, he was shot. It was a drive-by.
911: It was a drive-by?

911: 911, where's your emergency?
Caller: Drive-by shooting. 3201 Electronics Way, in front of Palm Tran.
911: Did you see who got shot?
Caller: No, no, no.
911: Did you see who did the shooting?
Caller: Yes, I saw who got shot.  It's a black male.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1(800) 458-TIPS.