Santaluces students unite against racism

LANTANA, FL (WFLX)  Santaluces High School campus was the target of criticism after two students recently posted a video making disparaging remarks about their African-American peers. Now, other students are speaking out as one, saying loud and clear that the voices of a couple students will not drown out the sentiments and sensitivity of many.

"Our social order isn't going to be affected by the ignorance of a few students, because that doesn't represent us as a whole," says Lickna Edmond, a senior at SHS.

Wednesday, students made a unity banner, which will eventually hang outside to show the community who they really are. They handed out pink bracelets hoping to encourage the positive.

"Just because those two girls thought that, keep in mind they're new, still baby Chiefs, they don't know what we stand for yet," said senior Miriam Pierre.

"Everyone can say when we walk on campus we feel safe, it's like walking into your house," said Troy Stark, a junior.

"I wake up excited to come see my friends and teachers. I can go to staff and they're going to be there for me," said Brandon Kahrim.

Student leaders also met to remind each other of the good things occurring inside the walls of the high school. Their principal was deeply moved.

"I'm so proud of them, they come through these things, they're resilient," said Principal Kathleen Orloff.

The commitment to unite doesn't begin and end with signatures on a banner. Student leaders are organizing more events to educate students about social media, anti-bullying and celebrating the cultural differences on campus.