Leap Day Baby

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) Cardell Rampal made his debut just after midnight Wednesday, just in time to have one of the most unusual birthdays.

With ten little fingers, ten toes and head full of hair, his mother Cindy describes him as perfect but admits his leap year birthday is a small disappointment.

"I didn't want a leap year baby, I'm like, his birthday is going be once every four years," Cindy said.

Last night she tried to get him here sooner and even suggested holding off a little longer. "I was thinking maybe we could hold out until the first but I doubt the doctors would let me do it."

Her nurse, Pamella Molloy, says the doctors and nurses did what they could to avoid the February 29th birthday.

"We tried to get her to push harder and faster but it is what it is," says Molloy.

While some may assume many parents just want healthy babies and aren't so concerned about their birthdays, think again says Molloy. Some parents are actually very concerned about dates.

"Mommies that want to have babies on birthdays they figure good or bad numerology and want to have babies on certain dates," she said.

For her part Moreau says, at the end of the day, she's just happy for a healthy baby. "He's special it's when God plans for him to come out and that's when he came out."

Cardell is the only one in his family to have a leap year birthday. Mom plans to celebrate it every year on February 28th.