'Occupy' protesters arrested in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-  Officers arrived at the old City Hall site at North Olive Avenue and Banyan Boulevard Monday morning, arresting several 'Occupy' protesters who held their ground there despite eviction notices from the city.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deployed its Emergency Field Force to the 'Occupy' encampment before 5 a.m. and began extracting about a dozen 'Occupy Palm Beach County' protesters, taking many away from the site in handcuffs. Deputies were joined by West Palm Beach Fire Rescue and police.

Several protesters wrapped their arms in a combination of PVC piping and duct tape as a way to stay attached to a pipe on the second floor balcony over the entrance to the old City Hall building, according to PBSO. Fire rescue personnel were required to use a special tool to cut the piping and tape from protesters' arms without injuring them.

So far, deputies have confirmed the arrests of Jacqueline Miranda, John Pope, Frazier Williams and one other person.

The streets at the intersection of North Olive Avenue and Banyan Boulevard were temporarily closed while Fire Rescue used ladders to reach protesters camped on the second-floor balcony.

Protesters continued their stand at the site throughout the week, despite warnings since late last month from police that they would be "subject to arrest" if they didn't leave.

The demonstrators are part of a nationwide movement demanding reforms in banking, housing and corporate regulations. Their North Olive Avenue and Banyan Boulevard encampment was the third site the group occupied in West Palm Beach since late October. They had been at the site since late last year.

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