Dead teen's family might file lawsuit

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) Family members of 18-year-old Eric Perez, who died last summer while in custody at the Palm Beach County Regional Department of Juvenile Justice, say they plan to file a civil lawsuit against the department but first they will try to resolve the issue out of court.

The attorney for the Perez family says the family originally planned to file the civil lawsuit on Friday.

Perez was found dead in his cell back in July.

A grand jury recently found the medical care at the facility was inadequate.

According to the report Perez suffered head injuries after what was described as horseplay with guards in the cafeteria.

"We've seen the video footage and it's pretty disturbing he clearly hit his head that would be the logical explanation for why he had a hemorrhage. We expect testimony from a neurosurgeon to say Eric would have survived had they called 911 and got help immediately," says attorney John Caracuzzo.

Despite the grand jury's discovery of inadequate care criminal homicide charges won't be filed because medical experts could not determine if quick medical attention would have saved the teen's life.

The family's attorney says relatives are seeking financial compensation as well as a request for additional training for the guards.