Goodman trial moves into day two

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Prosecutors in the DUI manslaughter trial of John Goodman are set to call more witnesses to the stand Wednesday morning.

Goodman -- who is the founder of International Polo Club Palm Beach -- is accused of driving drunk and causing a car crash that killed 23-year old Scott Wilson two years ago.

Tuesday was the first day of testimony where attorneys were able to get to the real meat of this case.

Each side gave opening statements -- laying out their "road maps" for the trial.

State prosecutors argued that Goodman likely had 16 to 18 drinks before driving the night of the crash. They explained to jurors that Goodman walked away from the accident, and when he did finally make phone calls, he called his girlfriend and a friend before calling 911.

The defense, however, said Goodman only had a few drinks that night. Defense attorney Roy Black also said Goodman's Bentley malfunctioned and accelerated into the intersection -- and that he drank after the crash to ease his pain.

The prosecution and defense spoke with five witnesses Monday: Kris Kampsen, a polo player and friend of Goodman, Cathleen Lewter, a bartender from that night, Mathew Barger, a manager from one of the bars, Facundo Paredes, a valet, and Carlos Pravaz-Leslie, the man who Goodman called before calling police that night.

At the very start of Tuesday -- defense lawyers filed a motion for mistrial, claiming news over the weekend regarding Goodman's civil case settlement could have tainted the jury, but the judge denied that motion.

Wednesday morning trial will begin at 8:30 a.m.

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