Boil advisory lifted for North Palm Beach County

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WLFX) -- The "Boil Water" advisory that covered much of Northern Palm Beach County is now over. The order was lifted early Saturday morning.

A spokesperson with Seacost Utility Authority said that after testing 40 small samples of water from all over the affected area, they found no bacteria.

Restaurants in the area said they were thankful the order was lifted just in time for the rush of St. Patrick's Day customers.

"Water is something we all take for granted," said Charles Coe, chef of Russell's Blue Water Grill. "You always just something, you're going to blanche vegetables, you're going to turn on the faucet on and all of a sudden you don't."

The boil order was put in place Thursday after construction damage near the Hood Road Water Treatment Plant interrupted water service.