Goodman on Trial: prosecution testimony ending

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) -  Jury members are back in court Monday morning after a weekend away from the trial surrounding Wellington polo mogul John Goodman.

Prosecutors are expected to call their final witnesses Monday and possibly Tuesday.  Goodman is accused of driving drunk and causing a car crash that killed Scott Wilson, 23, in 2010.

Monday is day five of testimony.  After a weekend away, the judge will likely ask the jury members if they've had any media exposure over the past few days.  

The jury will probably see traffic homicide investigator Troy Snelgrove again; he's returning for cross examination.  

The jury coming into Monday, after another crucial day on Friday, full of very vital testimony.  

The court heard from toxicologist Tate Yeatman, who testified Goodman had between 12 to 13 drinks in his system at the time of the crash.  

Also coming into evidence, the hydrocodone that was in Goodman's blood that night.  

The defense also called a few witnesses on Friday, because of scheduling issues, one of which was another polo player who said he didn't see Goodman drink any alcohol that night.

The prosecution could rest its case by Tuesday.  

Already on the radar as defense witnesses - a different toxicologist and an automotive expert.

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