Will John Goodman testify?

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) Attorneys in the DUI manslaughter trial of millionaire John Goodman have told 15th Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Colbath they expected to deliver closing arguments as early as Thursday morning.

The trial, now in its ninth day, has seen witnesses deliver powerful testimony as prosecutors set to prove Goodman killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson in a February 12, 2010 auto accident in Wellington.

Goodman, prosecutors allege, was drunk and left the accident scene.

The first witness called by the defense on Tuesday was Michael James Urban, a Deerfield Beach-based mechanical engineer at Rimkus Consulting Group, who reconstructed the accident for the defense.

Goodman's attorneys called Urban the morning after the crash to get him to do an accident reconstruction in addition to the one deputies were working on.

Defense attorney Mark Shapiro spent hours this morning questioning Urban about the process he went through and the methods he used to reconstruct the crash.

Urban used small, wooden cars in court today to show the jury what he thinks happened that night.

"I always collect everything I can because there is always a question to be asked," Urban told defense attorney Mark Shapiro.

Urban said Goodman's Bentley and Wilson's Hyundai hit each other, rotated and then separated before Wilson's Hyundai was pushed into a canal.

"Do you have an opinion, within a degree of engineering certainty, that there was a secondary impact between the two cars?" he was asked.

Urban said, "Absolutely. It's unequivocal the two made contact, that's where this damage on this door, panel, mirror and judging by the reconstruction, how the vehicles left each other, the evidence left on the road, they had to hit twice."

Urban contradicted testimony given by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy Troy Snelgrove who said the vehicles did not hit twice.

"To ignore the secondary impact is to misrepresent what happened in the crash," Urban said.

A second impact between the cars would alter the estimates of how fast the two cars were going.

Prosecutors contended that John Goodman was driving 63 miles per hour at the time of the crash and that Scott Wilson was driving 44 miles per hour.

During testimony, Urban estimated Goodman was driving 49 miles per hour to 58 miles per hour at the time of the crash and that Scott Wilson was driving 46 miles per hour to 54 miles per hour.

Late Tuesday afternoon the judge asked Goodman if he would testify. His attorney said Goodman will think about it tonight. A decision will be given in the morning.

The defense is close to resting its case and may do so as early as Wednesday at noon.

The jury could begin deliberations as early as Thursday afternoon.