Dolphins owner responds to critics

PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)  Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has an answer to fans wondering what's going on with the team and its inability to land a franchise quarterback or big name coach:  Don't give up. 

"You know what?  I'll do it again and again.  I'm gonna be bold, and you know what?  You don't lose for trying.  And, you know, if I can find the right guy, I'm gonna be bold in getting him and I can't worry about losing 'cause nothing ventured is nothing gained," Ross said emphatically.
The Dolphins haven't given their fans much to be excited about lately. Critics point to being spurned by coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher, as well as quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn and Alex Smith.  Miami also traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and hasn't replaced him.
Ross, who is among the owners and head coaches attending NFL meetings in Palm Beach, still believes better days are ahead.

"We're really in the process.  Free agency has a period to run.  I don't know if there are really a lot of major names out there, but there's the draft, there's a whole plan we have set forth and some things go well, some things don't go as well as you'd like them to go.  I think you know what I'm referring to from that standpoint with regard to Peyton Manning," Ross said.
Despite signing David Garrard, Ross says the Dolphins aren't done searching for another signal caller. "Well, we're gonna keep looking, certainly for upgrading that, but I'm very excited about Matt Moore."
Ross doesn't want there to be any doubt about his goal. "I want to win today, not tomorrow."