Truck two tons over weight limit stuck on bridge

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A propane truck that spent most of the day stuck on a wooden bridge over a canal along the east side of State Road 441, south of Lake Worth Road,  has been removed.

The truck, from the propane company AmeriGas, was on the bridge when wooden planking gave way, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

A fire rescue spokesman says I-beams helped to support the truck keeping the bridge from collapsing.

The truck sat on the beams for hours and had to be stabilized and then the gas needed to be off-loaded before the truck could be removed, fire rescue said.

441 between Lake Worth Road and 51st Street was closed during removal operations.

The driver was not injured. Fire rescue said he was following directions with a GPS and went over the bridge which has a weight limit of three tons and not meant for trucks.

They suspected the truck, when full of propane, was five tons. "This is just a perfect example of why people really need to pay attention when they are driving. I understand the man was using a GPs. GPSs are good but you gotta use your eyes to when you are driving," said bridge owner Michele Poole.

Because the bridge is privately owned, the owners are responsible for repairs. The county is not responsible for inspections on the bridge.

The truck was towed off the front of the bridge that leads to two different houses after the propane was emptied.

The bridge is now closed and will be for some time, Poole said.

She isn't sure if it can even be repaired.

An AmeriGas spokesperson said their safety review team is looking onto the incident.

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