Joyous homecoming for PSL soldier after year in Afghanistan

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - After more than a year in Afghanistan a Port St. Lucie soldier returns home to his wife and three kids.

As the draw down continues in Afghanistan, soldiers are making their way home one by one.

"Is that him," Jordan Miranda asked his mom, Kimberly. "Maybe. Maybe," she responded.

It wasn't, but as plane after plane touched down at Palm Beach International Airport the family of four including one-year-old Cameron, Jordan, 9, and Kira, 9, waited by gate B11. "Cameron, where's daddy," Kimberly playfully asked her toddler.

Sgt. Freddie Miranda has only been seen in pictures for the last 13 months. "All these kids, it's been hectic," Kimberly said. "Hectic. Hectic. Hectic." Especially when there's a little mover like Cameron to take care of.

"(Sgt. Miranda) had to leave his little man for a long time," Kimberly said. "Now his little baby is a big boy."

One who can walk and talk, two things he couldn't really do before Sgt. Miranda deployed.

As the group moved around from seat to seat near the gate, Kimberly heard that her husband's flight had touched down. "He's here," she exclaimed.

"What? He's here," Jordan said with excitement.

As the plane pulled in, the family grabbed their signs to welcome him home.

They watched almost every passenger on board his plane come out before he finally came out. "There's daddy yeahhh," Kimberly screamed before hugging her husband.

People watching in the airport all applauded as the Army Sergeant kissed all of his family members. "I can't even describe it," Sgt. Miranda said while holding back tears about how he was feeling. "All day today all of us (soldiers). It's like we're dreaming. It's like we're not really doing it. It's like we're still back there doing what we were doing. Just to be here is like I'm dreaming still."

A dream he's happy to be awake for.

One of the first things the family plans to do is make a trip to a water park.

Soon after that will start wedding planning to renew their vows.  Kimberly said he deployed to Iraq when they first tied the knot so they couldn't have a proper ceremony.

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