Lynn uses debate site to teach students

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) A fierce debate between 9-year-olds took over the Wold Performing Arts Center at Lynn University Wednesday. 

The question? Which pet is better for the White House, a dog or a cat?
It was a playful topic with an important message. 
Lynn University staff members are preparing for one of the biggest challenges on campus - hosting the third presidential debate in October. It's not just about getting the facilities ready, they're using the debate as a tool to teach.
"The students will have the opportunity to vote in the electoral college, debate on stage, making it a hands on learning experience," said Morgan O'Sullivan, who organized the event.
The lesson also touched on the geographical regions of the United States and campaigning. Students made signs to support their pet of choice. 
Back at the debate, candidates took to the podium.
"If I were up there, I'd be nervous, the questions you'd really have to think about," said Ananda Tolentino, a 4th grade student at A.D. Henderson Elementary School.
The exercises planted a seed in their young minds about the importance of voting and democracy.
"I'd want a president I approve of," said Noah Hernandez, a 4th grade student.