Accountability & Goal Setting

You can make excuses or you can make money, but you cannot do both.  Which do you want to do?


Lack of Accountability is the enemy in most sales organizations and it’s killing your business.  If excuse making is a symptom, you’ve got the disease.


“The customer said he was happy”

"They don’t have budget"

"The owner won’t see me"

"We don’t have any good leads"

"We’re too expensive"

"The economy is down"

"Our prices are too high"

"My commission program is unfair"

"They can’t buy now"





How do you cure your company of this cancer?


You must create a culture that does not allow excuses by holding everyone accountable.


How? Stop accepting them. Yep! It starts with you. If you allow these kind of excuses to be used and allow them to justify  the reasons a job didn’t get done,  then you are the cancer-causing agent.


In setting up goals for your sales organization you must set up goals that are not based on dollar volume alone. Why? Because goals need to be a controllable for the salesperson.   Revenue that comes in is not controllable therefore it can not be a goal. Revenue is merely the result of your goal. The actual goal is the activities or behaviors that they set to accomplish the goal. If the are to meet 16 new contacts a week, for example,  they cannot control how many of them buy,  but they can certainly control the amount of appointments.


If they don’t meet this number,  it is their problem,  no one else's. Often I get the question, ”but what if none of them buy?” There are three things and three things only that will determine success:

1)      The behaviors or activities that you commit to ( meetings etc)

2)      The sales technique that you use to uncover a need when in front of a prospect

3)      Your attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your business and your product


If these three things are being done and being done every day, every week and every month, consistently, then you will be nothing but a success.


I am going to tell you a story about Michelle, who works with me and at 25 years of age, “gets it” more them most professionals that have been in business for 25 years!


When Michelle first started working with me, she called me up one day on the phone. She said, “Greta, This isn’t working. For the last 6 weeks I have been meeting with all of these people (14 a week at that time) and I haven’t closed anything!”  I thought a minute and said,  Michelle, did you commit to meeting with 14 people a week to see how you can help them? “Yes,” she said with hesitation. “Have you done that?” I asked, knowing full well that she had.  “Yes”. Michelle, I did not hire you to close business, I hired you to meet your goals and those goals were to meet with what ever amount of people you could commit to which was 14 right?  You are doing exactly what I hired you for. Don’t forget, it’s about the process, not the sale. Follow the process and the sales will come.


And wouldn’t you know it, by month 2 she was 50% over revenue plan and month three almost 75%.  Those are the results of the goals that you set. They are the payoff. And guess what? Activities are controllable and no excuses can be made for not meeting with people to try to help them by learning about their business.


Make sure your salespeople have controllables as goals. Then excuses aren’t even an issue.