Healthy Meals

What's your typical morning like? You get up, get dressed, make your bed, cook breakfast, get the kids to school and still make it to work on time. With schedules like that, it's no wonder many folks grab a take out dinner instead of cooking a healthier meal at home. But doctors at Mayo Clinic want to help you fit healthier meals into your every day routine. They say it's easy, if you follow the eating plan outlined in a redesigned food pyramid.
"I have a PTA. meeting tonight. The kids have piano. They have play practice tonight. It's like, man, this is just Monday. What's the rest of the week going to be like?"
Jam-packed, no doubt.  But before Maka Boeve taxis Alex and Angel to their after-school activities, she has to get them organized....
"How much homework do you have?"
and fed.
"Go wash your hands and I'll get you a snack."
Fresh fruit, cheese and crackers: tasty but healthy snacks that fit right into Mayo Clinic's food pyramid, which is basically...
"a tool to help people improve their health and manage their weight."

Dr. Donald Hensrud:"We have diseases such as obesity in this country that are increasing tremendously. We have other diseases, certain cancers, coronary artery disease, that have a relationship to nutrition. So it's vitally important that we change."

Here's how the food pyramid stacks up to help you make the change. The bottom tier is fruits and vegetables. Eat as much as you want whenever you want. Next, grains and carbs, then protein and dairy, fats, and at the top--sweets. In the center there's a reminder to do some form daily exercise.

The pyramid also helps you make healthy choices like carbohydrates from whole grains and protein sources like nuts, fish or chicken. But just how easy is it to fit into your life?

"You have to plan ahead."
And Maka gets the kids involved to make nutritious meals part of their routine too.

Another trick to fitting healthy meals into your busy schedule is to do all your shopping before Monday, so you have everything you need for the whole week. In addition to being on the staff at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Hensrud is also editor of the new Mayo Clinic cook book. For more information on healthy eating, log onto