Residents shocked by Isaac's impact

THE ACREAGE, FL (WFLX) - Rick Fignar has lived in The Acreage for decades. Like the rest of his neighbors, when it rains, he's used to some flooding.

But a deluge from Isaac, he says, is unprecedented. "This is the worst, even when hurricanes, that came right over us, we've never had this much water," Fignar said.

Rick says usually in his backyard you can see grass, a baseball mound next to a batting cage, a small pond and a stable.

But overnight his yard has become seamless with the canal behind his house, and now looks like a lake. "I just don't want it to come up to the house, or into my pool, but it came as far as it ever has."

Same story for his neighbors down the street entire yards are flooding right into the next. At times it's tough to tell where the roads stops and the canal begins.

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