Teams bringing stranded residents survival items

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Acreage residents still stranded in their own homes because of flood waters are receiving help from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue teams.

The teams are going door to door with heavy-duty vehicles to help people get the basics - food, water and medications - because the residents cannot yet get out to help themselves.

Many residents are at home with no means to go anywhere else. "I can get out if I had to, but I'm not going to move unless it's absolutely necessary," said Pat Jenkins, who lives on 73rd Street North. Three full days after Isaac's torrential rains turned properties in Jenkins' neighborhood into islands.

Help to these people is on the way. "You guys don't need any medicine, food or water, do you?," said Fire Rescue Lt. Ken Church, shouting from his truck.

Most residents had the basic essential items they need for a few more days but the offer is now on the table for people who do need help."  You're septic tank and water is all working?," Church asked another resident.  She said her septic tank was operating but was making a gurgling noise.

Neighbor Greg Miller watched as his barn flooded days ago. Still unable to house his horse, he brought the animal onto his front screened porch. "He was a little scared at first, but he's gotten used to it," said Miller. "Now, he's eating the damn furniture."

Not only are these impacted residents feeling trapped in their own homes, they are also becoming very concerned about what may be lurking in the waters right outside their doors.

"I'm not going to allow my son to go out there and play in the water because of fecal matter and everybody's sewer and back-up and everything else," said Kathi Leatherwood, a Royal Palm Beach resident.

County officials are recommending that people in flooded areas with private wells boil their water for the time being.

The floods are also keeping many people from getting to their jobs.

"Everybody's missing work. She's missed four," said another 73rd Street North couple.  "I've missed two and it's just ridiculous."  Any help these people receive right now will have to be brought in to them because it is nearly impossible for them to go out and get it themselves.

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