Family heartbroken after teen killed at Sweet 16 birthday party

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - We now know what led to a shooting that left two people dead Saturday night in Riviera Beach.

Police say a fight or disturbance between young people happened before the sweet 16 party. Then, police say, the suspects opened fire deciding to settle the disagreement with guns.

The department says the shooting was an isolated incident and did not involve any gangs. Meanwhile, the names of the victims or any suspects have been released.

The family of one of the young people believed to be shot and killed is speaking out to Fox 29. They say they were notified by authorities Monday night that 16-year-old Andrew Joseph was in fact among the dead.

The family of the teen says 'Andy' was one of the two people shot and killed at Newcomb Hall in Riviera Beach this weekend. "He wasn't a bad kid at all. Why, why do bad things always happen to good people? He didn't deserve that," said Andy's cousin, Cindy Moreau

Moreau says her family wasn't notified by Riviera Beach police until Monday night -- two days after the shooting -- that Andy was among the dead. "We would like to know; that's our family member. That's somebody's son; that's somebody's brother," she continued. "We want answers, and we don't have that."

Six other people, shot Saturday night, survived. "I love my brother," said Rebecca Joseph, Andy's sister.

Rebecca remembers his athleticism, humor, intelligence and smile. Now, all of that is now gone, and what remains are questions as to why. "Everybody knows him as a loving person," she described.

His mother and father are too devastated to speak. "They took someone special away from us, and we really love him," said Chelsy Toussaint, Andy's niece. "I wish he was here with me right now."

Andy was supposed to be celebrating on Saturday; instead, his family says, he laid bloodied, nearing death, at the center of what authorities call an 'isolated incident'. "I think they're just looking at it like another senseless crime, and it's not," said Chelsy. "That's somebody's life. That's my cousins life."

Again, police have yet confirm the identities of the victims or the persons of interest.

Andrew Joseph's family says they'll be following this investigation very closely at the same time they begin to plan arrangements for Andrew's funeral.

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