Engagement photo shoot releases butterflies

How does your significant other give you butterflies? Share your comments below.

It was an early morning yesterday, but Jeff and I couldn't have asked for a better day to take our engagement photos.

We're working on a budget, so as fate would have it, one of Jeff's childhood buddies has discovered his gift of photography. We asked him to take our engagement photos, and he was extremely honored.

Sunrise is the best time for outdoor photos, so we met Sean at 7 a.m. at the north end of Delray Beach. Jeff and I had a blast posing for the camera.

As I drove into work after our shoot, I thought how full my heart is with love for Jeff. And it occurred to me, we just spent the morning holding hands and kissing.

See when you first start dating someone, you are guilty of PDA. But as you get comfortable in the relationship, the touching and the googly eyes start to fade. Then, life gets busy and the next thing you know, you're not giving your significant other the affection they crave to feel loved and special by you.

When Jeff holds my hand, I still get butterflies in my stomach. And, my stomach was fluttering the whole time we were smiling for the camera.

Of course, we are not going to be posing for the cameras everyday, but that doesn't mean we can't sneak in a little PDA. It's good for the heart and soul.

So, if you're in a relationship, take my advice and set the butterflies free. They've been dormant too long.