Woman claims losing 85 pounds by eating Starbucks

(WFLX) - First, there was Jared of Subway, and then it was Christine from Taco Bell. Now, another person is claiming eating three square meals at their favorite restaurant chain helped them shed some major weight!

Christine of Starbucks, a Washington, D.C. area woman, says she lost nearly 85 pounds by eating three meals a day at the coffee shop.

She says she lost all that weight by counting calories which Starbucks puts on the labels of their packaged foods. "You know a lot of people look at the top shelf, and they think it's muffins and fattening things. But look down on the second shelf, and there's really healthy choices," said Christine Hall.

Hall also credits a free online calorie counting site as a key element to her weight loss.

Dieticians say it is difficult for people to stick to a restrictive diet. They also warn if she is not careful, Hall could suffer from malnutrition if she doesn't eat balanced meals.

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