Forgotten Soldiers Outreach needs donations

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) -- The Forgotten Soldiers Outreach program in Lake Worth has the goods to fill care packages for soldiers overseas, but not the money to ship them.

More than a dozen people on Saturday came to the national operations center off 23rd Avenue South in Lake Worth to help pack 160 boxes to ship to the troops overseas.

The 160 is apart of the group's goal of packaging 911 in the month of September to send to the troops.

To ship 911 packages, Jeanelle Avallone with the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach group said will cost more than $18,000.

As of Saturday, they only have about $230 to ship off packages.  

She said tough times have made it hard to get donations to help the troops.

Inside the care packages are many different items including food, letters thanking them for their service and comic books.

In an effort to raise money, Avallone said the group is hosting a storage war where people bid on a storage garage and if they win they get whatever is inside the storage.

If you'd like to help click here