Mitt Romney fires up crowd in Miami

MIAMI, FL (WFLX)  Mitt Romney's visit to South Florida Wednesday and Thursday, which includes rallies in Miami and a private fundraiser in North Palm Beach , comes at a crucial moment in his campaign.

This week, it was revealed that hidden camera video of Romney saying he won't get the support of 47 percent of Americans who he argues are not paying income taxes was taken during a private fundraiser Boca Raton.

Romney has seen his standing in several battleground state polls drop and several Republican senate candidates have disavowed his remarks, fraying the Republican party.

Tonight in Miami, supporters who attended his rally were convinced Romney handled the flap over his comments the right way.

"He pretty much ignored everything that's happened the past few days. He's going to make a great president," said Phil Secada of Hialeah. "It was taken out of context, a small gathering, and people know he wants everyone to move up."

"I'm anxious to see the debates. That's what I'm waiting to see," said Deborah Dawson of Miami. "It's make or break."

We spoke to Broward Co. political strategist Chuck Malkus. His firm's specialty is damage control, and his advice to Mitt Romney is to apologize if he hurt people's feelings and to do a better job connecting with the working class.

"If he took a simple, humanistic approach, that this was not something that he intended to be harmful, that he has a feeling in his heart for the people who are unemployed," said Malkus.

"He should stay away from the country club set and be shown with the working class, be shown with blue collar workers, be shown with family who are either addressing being unemployed or employees who have just rejoined the workforce because of hard work, " said Malkus.

Romney is holding a fundraiser near the Seminole Golf Club in North Palm Beach on Thursday night.