Sketch of Royal Palm Beach alleged abductor released

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The search continues for the man Palm Beach County Sheriff's investigators said tried to abduct a 14-year-old Royal Palm Beach girl.

PBSO detectives have released a composite sketch of the man they believe attempted to grab the teen in broad daylight Friday.

Investigators said the victim was walking along the 200 block of La Mancha Avenue when a white van pulled in front of her. The victim claims the a man came out of the passenger door, grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him.

"Wow, in this neighborhood that actually happened? I'm shocked actually. That's scary to think that something like that can come close to home," said Kay Manderson, who lives in the area of the alleged incident.

Manderson, a mother of a little girl, made sure she had a plan to keep her child safe. Some parents told Fox 29 WFLX they told their kids about the recent alleged attempted abduction and used it as a teachable moment.

"I think you need to empower the kids. Let them know that hey, it's not a joke. It could happen in our neighborhood and it sure did," said Aida Newmon, a nearby resident.

Newmon, a mother of two girls and one boy, said she makes sure she picks up her children from school, not the bus.

"It does rob a kid from their sense of security and for a fourteen year old, it's very sad," said Newmon.

Newmon said she is relieved the teen girl got away but said this alleged attempted abduction is a wake-up call.

Deputies are looking for a white male, approximately 30 to 40 years of age, 190 lbs., with blues eyes, dark brown greasy hair and bushy eyebrows.

The teen believes the license plate had an 'M' and a '5' on it.

Anyone with additional information should call PBSO at 688-3400 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

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