Breakdown of new contract for NFL refs

(WFLX) - The NFL lockout has been going on since June, but it's been the past three weeks of regular season NFL games that have put the labor dispute in the spotlight.

So what did each side get in this agreement? This is an eight year deal that will last until 2019. The current pension plan remains in place for current officials for four more years.

The refs pay will also increase under the deal. Right now, the average pay is $149,000. That will go up to more than $200,000 in the last year of the agreement.

If you think that seems like a lot of money, you are right. The NFL refs only work about 16 games a year.

In comparison, Major League Baseball umpires make an average of $200,000, and they work for six straight months.

Our state's governor, Rick Scott is eligible for a $130,000 salary; although, he doesn't take it.

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