Fort Pierce soldiers prepare for deployment

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - U.S. National Guard soldiers said goodbye to their families, during a deployment mobilization ceremony for the Fort Pierce-based 806th Military Police Company.

Lisa Marie Gritzinger, military specialist, said this is her first deployment. While she's spending nine months with the 110 other unit soldiers in Afghanistan, she will miss her two-year-old daughter.

"It'll be my first time, having to leave her," she said. "It's going to be very hard. But I have stay strong, because I know her dad will take care of her while I'm gone."

Danial Harris, 1 st Lieutenant, said his youngest daughter doesn't fully understand why daddy has to leave.

"Not 100% she gets it yet," he said. "I know (my two oldest children) know what's going on."

He said they took pictures at the ceremony to capture the memories.  When he's overseas, he'll keep up with his wife and children through video chats.

"We got a couple different apps set up," he explained.

Ashley Roberts said when her husband, Staff Sergeant Brett Rogers, is deployed, he'll miss their baby's milestones in person-- but he can watch them online.

"We're going to experience his first birthday while he's gone, and walking, and everything," said Roberts. "So it's making sure that he's maybe there through Skype, and do all kinds of stuff to keep him in the loop."

She wants her son to know his dad is gone to protect their freedom.

"Showing him that your dad is doing something honorable while he's gone," she explained. "I'm so proud of him. It's just an amazing feeling."