Report: Video camera removed from girls' locker room

STUART, FL (WFLX) - Stuart police are investigating reports that a video camera was found concealed in the ceiling of a girl's locker room at the Pine Lower School in Stuart Monday, according to Stuart Police Department Mike Pope.

Pope said police are investigating claims, made in an e-mail reportedly written by Phyllis B. Parker, head of the Pine School.

The e-mail, obtained by Fox 29, tells parents that the recording device was "immediately and properly" turned over to an employee of the school after it was discovered by girls in the locker room.

However, it stated the employee did not immediately make the administrators aware of the device after receiving it and was placed on administrative leave and escorted off the campus for violating procedures.

The police have instructed school administrators not to provide further details of the investigation to the media, according to the letter written to parents.

The letter states that a search was conducted on both campuses of all locker rooms and bathrooms to ensure the safety of the students.

No additional recording devices were found, according to the letter.

The Lower School campus is located at 1300 E. Tenth Street.

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