Calls for investigation after voter fraud found in PBC

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - With elections supervisors still unsure of how many recently changed voter records were tampered with, Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch says Republican Governor Rick Scott could help.

"He needs to act, he needs to appoint a bi-partisan panel, and he needs to move forward as quickly as possible to reassure Florida's voters that their votes are going to count," said Deutch.

In a letter to the governor Fox 29 obtained, Rep. Deutch urged Gov. Scott to allow elections supervisor Susan Bucher access to the now-fired third party registration firm's paperwork.

Deutch and Bucher say that paperwork could show how deep the fraud goes, whether there are voters who don't know their records were changed by Strategic Allied Consulting - which has been fired by the Republican Party of Florida.

Otherwise, Bucher says her team has to look at 60,000 recently-changed forms by hand. "That way we could go through and look at any problematic ones; if we have an isolated group," said Bucher.

Bucher told us more than a dozen voters have written her office asking whether their records were safe from Strategic Allied Consulting.

So far, none have been found.

Deutch says a Scott commission could ensure voter confidence.

He says the governor went to great lengths over the last year to ensure there were no illegal voters on the rolls. Now, Deutch says, the governor should cease his silence over this dustup. "It doesn't matter who is engaged in voter fraud. We've got to do everything we can to protect all voters," said Deutch.

The governor's office told us he applauded the work done by FDLE, but did not directly say whether they planned to call for a commission to investigate.

The Republican Party of Florida argued a second investigation would get in the way of the first one and that Deutch was merely trying to score cheap political points.

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