Spew alert: Gaga pulls a Bieber

BARCELONA, SPAIN (WFLX) - Justin Bieber isn't the only pop star to blow chunks during a performance this month.

Lady Gaga vomited on stage during her show in Barcelona, Spain this past weekend, as seen in video posted by TMZ (Watch Video Below).

Gaga was performing her song "Edge of Glory" when she bent over and puked -- not once, not twice, not three times -- but four times.

But the puking didn't deter Gaga. She stays on course and continues to dance with her partner. However, many are accusing Gaga of lip syncing due to her voice not wavering during the continuous vomiting.

Sources close to Gaga say the singer was suffering from the flu, but she didn't want to cancel the show.

Rachel's wacky thoughts: "First of all, do you see the color of her vomit? It looks as if she'd be drinking a colorful beverage.... But I am very impressed she still pulled off her dance moves in between spews."

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