New snorkel reef trail opens

RIVERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Don Bush of Boynton Beach has his daughter, Robin, in town, and they're checking out the new snorkel reef trail at Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach. "I haven't snorkeled for quite a while but this experience will bring me back," said Bush.

The already popular dive spot under the Blue Heron Bridge has been expanded to include a snorkel trail.

Daniel Bates, the Palm Beach County Environmental Director says, "This is a pretty world renowned site around the bridges here, because of the influence of the fresh water coming in through the inlet. You get nice clear ocean water that brings in critters that you don't see elsewhere."

The new snorkel trail spans two acres and it's already teaming with life! "Lots and lots of little reef fish, a few bigger fish. I think I saw some yellow tails," said Don and Robin, describing their experience. "A box fish or puffer fish, several different kinds of angel fish, sergeant majors that got up really close to you. I thought for something that just been started, something that basically just been planted it's a great start."

And since the reef is in a protected area in the Intracoastal Waterway, it's good for beginners and experts.

The trail is also expected to help the economy. "This will certainly increase tourism dollars, bed tax dollars because people will stay in those hotels over on Singer Island and other places in the county as well," said Priscilla Taylor, Palm Beach County Commissioner.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset and parking is free.

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