Obama & Romney debate final time in Boca Raton

Hours away from the third and final presidential debate, crews at Lynn University were in overdrive on Sunday making last-minute adjustments ahead of the showdown on Monday night.

No detail was too small and everything inside the Wold Performing Arts Center was brought to a level of perfection being that all eyes will be on the stage on Monday.

"Barack Obama, the president and Mitt Romney, who was the governor of where I'm from Massachusetts. Same building, same place, same time," said Dale Oaklur, a Lynn University student.

Oaklur and his friends had time to play some basketball on campus and battle it out on the courts just outside the area that was fenced off for the debate.

Deeper inside campus, crews prepared for a different kind of contest. Paint was still wet, lights and audio were being checked and officials were consumed by requests from the media from around the world.

"All my family is like, 'What's going on? Who's there? What media centers are there?' I mean it's just so cool. I'm a part of it. This is my school. We're the final debate," said Kimberly Beck, a Lynn University student.

Hours away from the presidential debate showdown and it was the little pieces that mattered the most.

Three students sat in for the three people who will take the stage on Monday. The students were picked based on their physical match to the candidates and moderator. It was an attempt to eliminate any problems that might arise.

"I'm sure there have been some but the good news is, is that they've been overcome. This is coming together really nicely. We're right on schedule. We're where we need to be at this point," said Janet Brown of the Commission of Presidential Debates.

Lynn University officials also praising the hard work by all and expressed their sense of being prepared.

"Everybody will do their job, they'll do it effectively. They've been coached, they've been trained, we've practiced," said Gregory Malfitano of Lynn University.

The debate hall will be on lockdown until Monday night. The moderator, President Obama and Governor Romney will all get time to visit and practice in the hours leading up to the debate.