Clean-up begins on Lynn University campus

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - Lynn University is recovering today -- after hosting last night's final presidential debate.

Now comes the lengthy clean-up process.

It took the university one year to plan last night's final debate.

The school has been setting up what it calls "debate city" for three months, and organizers estimate it will take about six weeks to clean-up and tear down.

Volunteers and employees began to clear away the "media center" this morning where more than 700 members of the media sat last night. The actual debate hall -- is already in pieces --as crews carried away the set where President Obama and Governor Romney sat.

"We haven't slept in several days," said Maria Piret of Lynn University's IT department. "It was amazing because it was a team effort, everybody rolled up their sleeves and we got it going, hey like any party somebody has to clean up right,?" she said.

The debate here at Lynn drummed up some serious media and social media attention from around the world -- the university is already seeing some preliminary numbers.