State of emergency in effect for Martin County

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A state of emergency is now in effect in Martin County as crews prepare for potential damage from Tropical Storm Sandy.

Bathtub Reef Beach is now closed and will be until further notice. The closure is in effect, so crews can bring in 1,600 tons of sand to help protect the shoreline.

The news comes not long after Tropical Storm Isaac pounded the beach with winds and waves that caused part of the shoreline to erode away.

To help protect it from any damage that may be brought on by Tropical Storm Sandy, crews are bringing in sand from local mines to prevent any further loss of the dune and parking area.

These crews will have to work quickly to strenghten the shore as meterologists tell us we're likely to feel the winds from Sandy Thursday night through Saturday morning.

This isn't the only beach in Florida having issues. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, many others are having erosion problems, as well, which can impact real estate and tourism.

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